Winter 2011 / 2012

Recent changes to the development strategy in Bristol have resulted in increased requirements at the planning stage of most projects. The Climate Change and Sustainability practice note issued by Bristol City Council in July 2011 added significantly to the workload associated with new planning applications, requiring detailed assessments of energy efficiency and the carbon impact of proposed buildings and conversions.
Also in July 2011, Bristol City Council issued a Space Standards practice note with the aim of establishing minimum space standards for new residential development.

Residential development
With the feasibility study completed, 105 West have been appointed to develop a planning application for the conversion of an existing large structure in central Bristol to provide residential accommodation. It is still anticpated that the final construction cost will be in the region of £3,000,000. A full planning application is being prepared with the aim of submitting the application before the start of spring 2012. Details of this project will follow as the design is developed.

Extension to a home
Having gained planning permission for a highly contemporary extension to a property in the Clifton area of Bristol, construction is now well underway on site. The extension which houses guest accommodation and a studio features highly sustainable construction and a biomass heating system.

1535 Web view 2

In conjunction with a local planning consultant, a planning permisssion has been granted for the change of use and alterations to a property on Park Street in central Bristol. The property was formerly a professional services office and has been granted permission for conversion to a modern cafe / bar. Planning conditions and the building regulations are currently being addressed with the aim of commencing works on site before the start of spring 2012.

1540 Web elevation

A completely separate application for a change of use to a central Bristol retail premises to provide a cafe and retail space is anticipated in the near future for a different client.

New Build and Conversion
A planning application has been submitted for the conversion of a former licensed premises in south Bristol to flats with a four new build houses on the same site. The site is located on the main route through a popular suburb. The project is being carried out in conjunction with a local planning consultant. Public consultation with local groups resulted in a scheme with wide local acceptance proir to planning submission.

1539 Web elev

Student residential development
Following a lengthy pre-application process, a planning application has been submitted for a residential project near Bristol city centre. The project comprises of works to an existing building to create five floors of residential accommodation plus an office unit. A new build element with a floor area almost twice that of the existing building will be attached to the existing structure, providing a further three full storeys of accommodation with a reduced area fourth floor.

1528  Web elev 1

Rural Live / Work units
Planning permission has been granted for the conversion of part of a former primary school in a village to the south of Bristol. The conversion is to provide two residential units in the former school house with associated work spaces within the school buildings.
Tenants are being sought for the remainder of the school buildings, retaining the existing planning use class.

1537 Web plan

Rural Residential Property
Work is very close to completion on the extension, refurbishment and alteration of a substantial rural property located north of Bristol. The project comprises the complete internal and external refurbishment of both the main house and an associated cottage. The fenestration of the main house has been rationalised to introduce a more balanced appearance with improved proportions. A two storey extension has also been added to the property. The energy efficiency of the property has been substantially improved by the installation of insulation to the exterior of the existing building, with a self coloured render finish maintaining the traditional appearance of the property. Photographs of this project are to be added soon.

Urban Residential Development
A planning application for three new build houses on a difficult site in the Clifton area of Bristol has been submitted. The topography, plan form and surroundings of the site created a unique challenge, resulting in an equally unique solution. Contemporary in design, the form of the proposed houses is defined by site and the potential effect on the existing housing in the area.

Domestic Residential Developments
105 West are also working on a number of domestic residential projects in Bristol and North Somerset. Projects include works to listed buildings and an application for lawful development.

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