Front page news

Toward the end of 2014, 105 West suceeded in gaining planning permission for a modest but complex residential scheme. Due to the unique nature of the scheme, gaining permission merited the front page of the Bristol Evening Post newspaper (see the link below).

Following extensive negotiations with the local planning authority, permission was granted by the planning committee for two residential homes on a challenging urban brownfield site in the Clifton area of Bristol. 105 West worked in together with Aspect360 planning consultants ( to achieve permission.

The site is very restricted in depth with a large retaining wall to the rear and both ends. Due to the nature of the site and the location, an innovative design solution was required to produce homes which would limit the impact on the existing surrounding housing while providing pleasant envorinments for living. The design also needed to work with the underlying topography of the rock on which the houses are to be constructed. Both proposed houses feature:

  • Living spaces at high level, maximising natural light and ventilation
  • External amenity space
  • Contemporary appearance
  • Green roofs and solar water heating

1506 Revised Elev May14

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